By learning how to write a literature review assignment, you improve your ability to compare a lot of research on any topic. Both educators and students may write literature reviews, but the former often use them as a teaching tool. Through your own analysis, you can encourage researchers to learn more about a particular body of work. 

What is a Literature Review Assignment?

A literature review assignment is your summary of all the research available on any topic that has already been studied. For example, if you wrote a literature review assignment on irrigation methods used in Indonesia, you would provide a summary of the available research that is related to that area. Your work could be used as a guide for a doctoral student who is looking for areas that require additional research.

literature review assignment

Evidence is Necessary

Sources are always required in a literature review assignment. Before you begin your research and writing, find out how many sources you need. You don’t need to include 40 if your advisor thinks 20 will suffice. 

Be Careful with Selections

You may need to include selections from various types of sources. Establish whether you should use books, journals or both. If you include websites, ensure that these meet certain criteria. 

Narrow your Focus

There is often a lot of information available on any broad topic that you could be interested in. Narrowing the scope of your work from the start helps you to produce excellent results. Ask a specific question, and look for sources that are related to that.

Share your Focus

A literature review assignment is not like a thesis paper. You are not required to give a statement of your thesis. However, you should let your readers know what the work is focused on.

A simple statement should be included at the beginning to introduce your topic. This can describe current trends and then draw attention to questions that invite research in the area. 

Your Basic Introduction

Your introduction must present background information on the area. This should be brief but give readers enough information to understand what they read from there.

The Body

The main part of your literature review assignment is the body. This is what readers have been looking forward to. It contains a list of your sources. This section also discusses those sources briefly.

Some people choose to organize the body in chronological order. This helps them to show how research in the area developed over time. You may also organize your sources into themes or methodologically. If you are looking for gaps in research, this type of organization may help you to quickly identify those.

Your Conclusion

Your conclusion helps everyone who reads your review to quickly understand what you learned. It may also contain your own recommendations. You do not have to add new information at this point. The recommendations in your conclusion may be used to guide anyone who wishes to do further research on the topic. 

Final Thoughts

Reviewing your work is critical. The focus is not on arguments. Your main aim is always to share the material. Ensure that this is done in a concise way.

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