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As you know, sometimes students struggle with their homework. Particularly essays.

That’s why essay writing helpers exist. To assist young people in their quest for the degree. One of the oldest of them is

Emily was one of their clients, and she contacted us to deliver her opinion on this company. Read her custom writing reviews and decide for yourself, should you trust them you grade, time and money or not!

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My terrible experience with

I am appalled. I cannot believe the horrible ride that I was taken on for over three weeks. I thought that if I could endure through the whole ordeal, I would get what I paid for. But nothing good happened. And I guess that’s what you get for trusting Let me explain this entire fiasco and believe me, I cannot believe this happened.

First off, some background: I am a college student in a relatively good school. And I was swamped. I had to study for my finals and I also had to deliver a bunch of essays on various topics. I didn’t know what to do. A friend of mine told me about websites that sell college level essays. I googled to see what I could find. And silly me, I settled on What a bad idea.

I ordered two articles for $40 each. I paid for a fourteen-day deadline. They billed me twice for $80. $160, gone. I had to contact customer support and battle through their system to get my refund. Money is something that a poor student cannot give away. Eventually, they caved in and gave me back $80. By the time that happened, a week had passed. I had no news about the essays I ordered. I wasn’t worried because I still had a week to deliver. By day ten, I was getting anxious. Many guys in both my classes had already sent their essays. They were really important. I contacted CustomWritings through their site and had no response. I chose to e-mail them later on, radio silence. I was getting desperate. I could not start and deliver a good essay so close to the deadline. I had no time and my only hope was for CustomWritings to deliver. I was pretty much hopeless.

By the time the two-week deadline was over, I got an e-mail telling me not to worry, that the job was going great. Silly me, I thought they were messaging me to tell me that the work was done. They didn’t send a draft in their e-mail and gave me no new deadline. After I pressed them on the issue, they explained as best as they could that they were delayed with their latest orders. They told me not to worry as the essays were almost finished. They never arrived.

By week three I asked my professors for more time. In one class I got a few more days to deliver and I failed the second class. By the time this was over, I decided to ask for a refund. The articles were worthless to me. They refused to give me my money back and sent two horrible rushed essays. They were so poorly written that I could not use them even if I wanted. Wikipedia would’ve done a better job. If I had sent those essays to my professors I would’ve failed both classes.

I am on week four now and they have stopped answering my emails. If I had to rate CustomWritings it would be zero stars.